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Kodak Web Development

Front-end, Design and e-Commerce

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Kodak is a company that build web applications with responsive design for every device, e-Commerce web sites with online shop and logo design.


Build a website

Responsible website design, tailored to any device, with a gallery containing a portfolio of your past works that you are particularly proud of, will make your company more competitive in the market, complement and enhance your brand, while at the same time consumers can reach you much easier and faster.

Build a logo

The brand represents the identity of the company, its signature by which customers will recognize the quality. In a situation where there are multiple competing firms offering similar services or products, successful branding or brand building implies the recognition of one firm by customers.


Recent work

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Ravan is a project that is constantly evolving. It is a trilogy of epic fiction, and this website is the first version that aims to present and advertise the first part of the novel. In addition to using HTML and CSS, Jquery is implemented in the file, which is responsible for the animations that make the website more dynamic.

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Dna 371 Cleaning

Dna Cleaning is a Swedish company that hired us for their web application that I needed to present through a clear and transparent promotion. HTML and CSS were used as well as pure JavaScript for animations. Except for minor changes, the project will not be further developed.

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